Local attractions


Inspiration to local sites and attractions

There is a unique mill environment in Dorf at Jyske Ås just north of Dronninglund. A water mill from the 1600s, a Dutch windmill built as auxiliary turbine to the water mill in 1887, and a quadrangle mill farm from about 1900-1925 - which now houses a museum of cultural history.

5 km from Hjallerup you will find Lavendelbo, Denmark's only and indeed also the northernmost lavender farm. Enjoy a little piece of Southern French atmosphere with the smell and the colors from 16,000 lavender plants. The shop sells soap, shampoo and oils and lavender plants for your garden. Guided tours ONLY on prior arrangement and only outside business hours.

A museum showing the rural life 150 years from the period 1800-1950. 

Dronninglund Castle is a manor house, located in the eastern part of Vendsyssel, in Dronninglund. The castle was in the 1100s build by the king to nuns from the Benedictine. Later the castle had several prestigious owners including Queen Charlotte Amalie, who in 1690 named the castle Dronninglund. The beautiful buildings are today a hotel and conference center.

Dronninglund Arts Centre presents changing exhibitions. Along with the gallery you will find gallery café and shop. The beautiful and distinctive building of 1,200 square meters was built in 1977 by electrician Birger Jensen, who with this beautiful center created a popular exhibition space for contemporary art. Between 1985 and 2002 the building was used for other purposes, but In March 2002, reopened the museum with strong local support.

Hjallerup Mechanical Museum is a "modern" museum that collects and stores tractors, cars and motors, MC's, farming equipment plus other mechanics. We have tractors from 1916. Waterloo Boy is thought to be the first to manufacture tractors as early as 1895 in the USA.

Artwork by Thilo Frank designed as a circular wooden corridor. EKKO is located near Hjallerup Mechanical Museum and Hjallerup lake, close to the marketplace.

Anton Christensen Laier was a priest and artist, which aroused wild sensation of his time. Laier was a priest in Hjallerup from 1927-37, but was brutally stripped of his priesthood as he of the clergy was labeled insane. The exhibition includes more than 200 sculptures and a selection of Pastor Laiers 250 paintings.

Alderslyst Vingård is at vineyard with its own winery. It is possible to get a tour of both the winery and the vineyard.

Behind the wide moat and the metre-thick walls, you will find Denmark's most beautiful renaissance castle with the scariest ghost stories and finest private art collection.

There is free access to the beautiful park throughout the year. In the 7 ha. large park, there are over 10,000 rhododendron plants spread over approximately 130 species. In several places in the park's picnic tables and benches where you can enjoy your lunch or coffee.